Review – Clynol Color Care+ Silver Shampoo

A while ago I stumbled upon some special offer online to buy the Clynol Silver Shampoo for just £3 and being me, I couldn’t resist the bargain. Luckily for me, I do actually have blonde hair so it wasn’t one of those “bargains” that you never end up using.

Just Can't Escape the Flash!

Since then, I have used the shampoo several times and have been meaning to get round to reviewing it because I absolutely love it!

The first time I went to use it, I squeezed the bottle and this happened:

OMG, I have to put that on my hair!?!

Even the bottle itself can't handle that colour!

Just look at the shocking deep purple of that shampoo! I know that silver shampoos are always surprisingly purple as I have used them before but this shampoo is really intense and quite thick too. I was more than a little bit worried about ending up with a blue rinse!

I won’t lie, my hands did end up with something of a blue/purple tinge to them but that washed off within a few hours so it wasn’t too bad. My hair however was so much brighter. Using the shampoo, it lathered well and really made my hair feel clean and stripped of the slime that some products leave behind. Once I’d dried my hair, I could really see my highlights again and it felt light and bouncy as well as looking brilliantly blonde.

This product is so much better than others I have tried; it usually retails around the £10 mark but if you look online you’ll find it for more like £5 plus postage which is really not bad for something you only need to use every now and then. I’ve been using mine weekly and it’s really made a huge difference to how clean my blonde is. It even came in handy when I had my home hair dye issue, it really toned down the orange! (Check out my ombre hair dye experiment, complete with video!)

If you’re looking for something to stretch out the time between highlights or just to liven up your colour a bit, I seriously recommend this product, it is superb. I have another of their shampoos to try out and will be letting you know how that goes soon. x

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