Nail Strengtheners on Trial

Hello friends! Sorry for being such a bad blogger but last week was mental – so many hours spent working! This week I have no internet so can only post sporadically but will do my best to catch up as I have quite a lot to talk about 🙂

I’m sure I have mentioned before but my finger nails are unbelievably weak and bendy which consequently means that nail polish chips off in a nanosecond and even gels such as Shellac only last a few days. In my world this is simply not good enough; I am far too vain and judgemental to be walking round with scruffy nails.

I tend to go through phases of trying various nail treatments or trying to cover them with polish constantly so they are stronger and the layers stick back together but I get fed up and end up peeling them which makes them even worse. This time, I have decided to tackle the problem from the inside out as well as the outside in. My skin is also looking pretty shocking at the moment as a result of too many late nights and too much chocolate so I bought the following tablets to help as a friend has used them before and said they are good.

From the Inside Out

At £14.95 for a month’s supply, these aren’t the cheapest supplements ever but they are meant to really help tackle any nutritional deficiencies which affect the nails. With my dodgy gut, I know that nutritional deficiencies are definitely playing a part in my problem so I have my fingers crossed that they’ll have something of a positive impact – update on that to come in a month!

I have also purchased Save the Nail T0ughen Up Base Coat for £7.50 which I think is a fairly new product and is one which is designed as a treatment you apply every day for 7 days then remove and start again.

From the Outside In

My camera, especially on my phone isn’t that great so the quality of the next picture isn’t as good as I would like but I also wanted to show you the current state of my nails so you could get a feel for what I am dealing with. This is them looking relatively good:

Current State

If you look carefully at my index and ring fingers, you can see some of the peeling and that’s not a particularly bad case. Sometimes my nails end up paper thin due to the peeling!

Anyone out there got any good tips on how to get your nails on track from this point? (Mine have never been long or strong, I used to be a biter!) If not, these are the products I will be trialling in conjunction with each other for the next month and will post some more pictures then to let you know how I’ve got on and properly review the products. x

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