Experiment – Ombre / Dip Dye My Own Hair!

Hello again friends! For those of you who haven’t seen me on a weekly basis for the last few months to hear me moaning about my hair, I have been growing it out for 4 months whilst I decide what to do with it. My last two hair cuts have been relatively severe to take a lot of frazzled hair off the bottom; too my bleach and heat on fine hair is not good! I know the bleach is the real killer but I so love being blonde that I’ve been completely baffled re what to do with my hair.

Finally, I decided I’d follow the ombre / dip-dye trend so that I could keep a lot of my blonde but also lay off the bleach for a while. On that basis, my 4 months’ root growth was a great idea but I still felt I just looked like I had massive roots. So, finally this weekend, I purchased hair dye and decided to do something about it. Having not dyed my own hair in about 8 years, I was pretty nervous but I figured I’d be able to dye over it if it went terribly wrong.

It didn’t exactly go to plan so here’s a link to my video where you can see exactly what happened. Note that I started the video optimistically thinking it would be a great “how-to”, now it’s useful pre-dye watching to ensure yours is better!

Check it out and let me know what you think… x

My Ombre Hair…Or Not – The Video!

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