Why I Want to be More Successful Than I Am Now…

Yesterday was one of those truly fab. work days. I managed to get a bunch of work done and then head into the city for a really interesting seminar with a lovely colleague. Not only that but the seminar was held in a stunning building with amazing views – Google the St. Botolph building (London)…and we were given wine and delicious canapes!

The photo below shows just part of the amazing view and it’s a bit jumbled up as it was taken with a phone-based camera but essentially we had the Gherkin to our right (out of view), Canary Wharf over the the left and then all of what you can see here:

The Perfect Weather for a Photo - 13 floors up!

This picture literally encapsulates everything I love about London and in all honesty, whether for work or pleasure, I can never remember having a bad day in London. It’s so uplifting! (To me anyway.)

I’d spent an evening a few days prior talking to my bf trying to explain why I don’t feel like I’m successful yet; why my work environment doesn’t feel right even though I work for a large global company. I couldn’t do it and he doesn’t get it but the inside of this building and the surrounding area explain it perfectly without words. The buzz, atmosphere, enormous buildings, statement architecture, pressure, opportunity…the list goes on…none of these quite convey what this said to me and it’s proven that I really do need to push that little bit harder and see if I can land myself in the heart of a city just like I was yesterday.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get there! x

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