The Season of Simple Pleasures

Wow! What a truly fabulous weekend we’ve had here in the UK. The weather has been fantastic and as always when that happens in the UK, we’ve all gone out of our way to make the most it. What I find interesting is that a bit of sunshine takes us right back to nature. We all want to get to the beach or set up a BBQ in the garden; for once it’s not about spending money, it’s about spending quality time with our friends.

I personally spent a good chunk of Saturday walking with my step-mum and the delectable Rudi. (See previous posts for pictures of Rudi, so cute!) Then on Sunday headed over towards Oxford for a BBQ with some friends. Whilst at said BBQ, I was absolutely fascinated by the butterflies I saw. Firstly because butterflies seem to be really rare these days and secondly because they were the gorgeous peacock type which I love. So I spent ages chasing one to try and get a decent pic. with my phone; that’s one tough challenge – shutter speed and clarity are not all that but here’s what I ended up with:

Nature really is more beautiful than anything we can produce ourselves

I’m impressed with that, it took a lot of patience which is not something I usually have. Here some pictures of the main event:

Our BBQ Chef

Meat, Glorious Meat!

The BF in full-on sunny day pose

What did everyone else get up to in the sunny weather? I hope you had as good a weekend as I did! x