Review Dove Maximum Protection 48hr Deodorant

Now I know that deodorant isn’t the most exciting thing to review or to read a review about but I think it’s massively neglected by most bloggers who choose to focus on the fun stuff, yet it’s an important product which pretty much everyone uses. I myself am something of a sweaty betty; not in the moisture pouring out of the palms of my hands kind of crazy way but in the “I need to be careful what tops I wear in certain situations” type of way. I’ve tried using strong antiperspirants designed to stave away the sweat patches for a good few days in the past but I haven’t got on well with them. Specifically, I’ve tried Perspirex and Driclor in the past which both work well but sting and dry out my skin – I’m pretty sensitive of skin, I think it’s my pale complexion!

I usually survive by using Dove roll-ons or sprays, (Mitchum is also too strong for me) but recently I ran out of deodorant and used some of the bf’s L’Oreal Men Expert spray and it was great, not too manly of smell either. So, off I went to the shop to pick me up some man deodorant and whilst I was there I also spotted the Dove Maximum Protection 48hr Deodorant; naturally I bought both. Thank heavens I did because I managed to buy the wrong smell man deodorant and smelled really strongly of man all day Monday!

I’ve now been using the Dove deodorant for 4 days; it’s a cream stick that you put on at night and don’t need to reapply in the morning but yesterday was the first day that I didn’t top up with another deodorant. It was pretty warm in my office today and the Dove held it’s ground well but by the end of the day I was starting to smell a tiny bit stale (no moisture though). However, I would not feel at all comfortable leaving it for another day, I think 48 hours really is wishful thinking. I know that some people sweat less than I do, but would they really be as bothered about lasting protection???

Good points are that the sticks are fragranced, (unlike many other stronger antiperspirants) I haven’t experienced any skin irritation and it has definitely worked better than my usual Dove spray or roll on. I would say though that you should take a top-up deodorant with you if you wanted to get through from office to evening and that it’s unlikely to last 48 hours on anyone. With a price point of £5.30(ish),  it is approximately twice the cost of a standard stick and I don’t think it will last as long either. So if you don’t sweat that much, it’s probably a waste of cash but if you’re a bit more like me then I’d say definitely give this a bash, it might be just the right compromise between skin irritation and dryness. I will definitely be carrying on with mine, yesterday’s trial proved it to be the best deodorant I’ve used in a long time! x