Happy Valentine’s Day to Me!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Whilst I’m not a huge one for buying into the heart shaped everything and sudden pretence that dead relationships are amazing, I do love a good celebration so I hope you’re all having a good day. Personally, I think Valentine’s day is more fun for singletons than couples as they tend to make more effort than most couples; though that is a complete assumption as I haven’t been single on Valentine’s day for 12 years…I’m only 26! Believe me though, that is not bragging, I should definitely have been single for a few of those years, I’ve stayed in some beyond dead relationships for far too long!

However, I am currently in a relationship which is very much alive and we are having a super low key Valentine’s so I thought I’d buy us both a treat in the form of new underwear for me…yes, I am that selfish! So here is what I bought:

Boux Avenue, Tori

This is just the sort of thing I like, sexy without being tacky, though I must say I don’t look quite as amazing in mine as the model does here! This set was my first foray into the world of Boux Avenue and I’ve been very impressed. I ordered my lovely new undies on the weekend and they were delivered on Monday which is brilliant.

However, what I really love is the fit. If you are a regular reader, by now you have probably seen from my pictures and figured from previous posts that I am not exactly a busty lady…quite the opposite! This means that often I wear pretty extreme padded bras, La Senza triple gel style and they’re not that comfy but most other bras just don’t do my assets any favours. If you are the same, buy this bra! It’s not heavily padded, it just fits really well and gives you a lovely shape whilst being super comfy. I am in love! So this is my new obsession and I can’t wait until the next pay day so I can replace more of my undies with Boux Avenue beauties.

Now I have raved about my underwear, have yourselves a safe and sexy Valentine’s day and if you have any tips on where to get great undies, especially if you are larger of chest, then do let me know…I have a friend who’d love hear from you! x