Beach Babe or Hedgerow Disaster?

One look I have loved for years is the beach wave, messy, just got out of bed hair style. However, whilst some may say I am blessed, I of course think I am cursed, with poker straight hair. Oh, and it’s really fine and bleached which makes it extra fine so it completely lacks bounce – not ideal for this look!

As my hair is so fine, I tend not to use heat based styling tools to much as it just dries out the ends too much, not to mention the fact that curler produced curls are totally different to beach waves! For ages I pondered how I could get something resembling beach waves and then one day my brain kicked in and I Googled it. What I found was a whole array of helpful videos on YouTube telling me how to style my wet hair so it would dry “beachy”.

This is the result:

Beach Hair???

I’ve put a huge picture in so you can properly see what I’m working with here. Now, I must confess I’ve worn this look quite a few times now but each time I wonder if it looks at all beachy or if I just look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.

What do you guys think and anyone got any ideas how I can make my waves a bit bigger and bouncier without getting hair extensions which I can’t afford??? ┬áSeriously, hit me up with your honest opinions ­čÖé x