Latest Online Shopping Discovery

Ooh, I’m so excited that I just have to share my latest discovery. I’m a regular reader of Tor’s Fab Frocks blog as Tor is one of my friends’ sisters and she is always right there on the front line with new fashion discoveries. It was through her that I first discovered the Zaggora Hot Pants and now I’ve discovered some independent fashion designers made accessible at prices we can really afford!

Check out Fashion Pony; they’ve got some brilliant, unique items that you will fall in love with. I can’t get enough of this dress and will order one as soon as I get paid:

Jasmin Dress from Klue by Kelly-Ann

That stunning dress is currently just £48, down from £80 and is made to order. Fabulous!

The only thing I don’t like about Fashion Pony is that somebody else has realised my dream before me. Selling clothes in one place by a collection of independent designers is exactly what I’ve wanted to do for ages, I just haven’t got there yet! Well done these people, I’m so happy to see fresh designs available to the masses 🙂 x