Out with the Old!

With the new year finally here and all of my sale shopping to be found homes in my wardrobe, I decided a clear out was well overdue and that included all of the items that have managed to narrowly escape the last few clear outs. Here’s the pile of items I’ve prepared to move on to their new homes:

In total 34 items are going – most to a charity shop, some straight to the bin and a few to eBay which are worth a bit more money. A few items do also still have their tags on – bad Sam! Some of these items have been worn and loved, quite a few have come from Primark and the vast majority represent bad shopping choices. There are lessons to be learned from this little lot but for now I am just proud of myself for making the decision to throw this stuff out rather than just adding to the pile 🙂 Anyone else having a good clear out? x