Am I Too Old…?

I’ve just painted my nails and I’ve gone sparkly again but I’m wondering if it’s just a bit too young for me…at 26 can I pull this off?

The picture’s a bit dark but the flash was bouncing off the glitter making it impossible to see. I’ve used the Miss Sporty nail polishes I got for Christmas topped with my Models Own sparkly polish. I’ve used sparkles for 2 reasons; 1 is that I love it and 2 is that it makes my weak nails much stronger. I’ve also finally caught up with the colour trend that is ring finger a different colour! What does anyone think…good, bad, terrible!?! Let me know! x

6 thoughts on “Am I Too Old…?

  1. I think it’s super cute! I’m 25, only a year younger than you – and I totally still rock the glitter polish. I also love how you painted your ring finger a different color. I know it’s the trendy thing to do, but I admit I have yet to hop onboard with that particular trend.

    Anyway, great job! Love it 🙂

  2. Love this look on your nails. I’ve been looking for ages for a nice glitter polish to use over base colour it looks really lovely and you’re never too old for a bit of sparkle! 🙂

  3. I saw some cool nails once where the girl had painted hers in a matt black..and then a normal, shiny black along the top of her nails – it looked really good!

    These look cool

    PS: I’m about to read all your entries from this point on, so beware of anything stupid I may say..I am a man after all 🙂

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