Perfect Party Season Nails

The other day I did a bad thing and pulled off my nail extensions with my teeth – I have a habit of doing this as soon as 1 isn’t looking perfect. Needless to say, this doesn’t help my weak nails at all and if I don’t paint over them immediately, they start to peel and break. So paint over them I did, and whilst I was at it I decided to paint the old toes as well.

My colour of choice was a Barry M red glitter which I hadn’t had a chance to use yet, having kept it waiting for the party season. I figured best to give it a trial run to make sure it looks as good on as it does in the bottle. Given that you can get them for approx. £3.00, I think Barry M polishes are great value, especially compared to Nails Inc – and much shorter drying time too.

The result hasn’t photographed brilliantly, a lot of the sparkle is lost and the colour has lost some of its richness but here it is:

 If you ignore my incredibly wrinkly, man sized hands, hopefully you’ll agree this is a perfect festive nail polish 🙂

The ring, btw is my favourite Azendi beauty if anyone wants one! Laters x