More Bargainous Dresses

Today at work one of my colleagues started talking to me about where my friends and I buy our party dresses, so I started listing off the usual ASOS, Topshop, etc. when she suggested a different site which her daughter uses: Bon Prix.

I’d heard of Bon Prix before but had never really paid any attention and definitely hadn’t been on the website. Well…what a pleasant surprise! The prices, as the name suggests, are very low and you can even search your party dresses based on whether you want them long or short! All coming in at £29.95, these are my favourites:

Obviously at this price, this isn’t real leather but it looks like it fits and moves very nicely…sexy! Oh, and a HUGE trend this season, natch!

I love the simplicity of this little number, perfect for a glam yet sophisticated look, perhaps a nice meal somewhere (though be careful not to spill anything!). The lace panel at the back is so understated and looks lovely with hair up as modelled here. Another HUGE trend box ticked 🙂

Finally, for a bit of festive sparkle and fun:

Sequin dresses with green in them are hard to find and the Kelly Brook one for New Look sold out pretty darned quickly. I love green and it’s being seen on loads of celebs at the moment so this is a bargainous piece of the action for anyone who dares.

‘Til next time…x