Do I Have Too Many Clothes When…?

With my new “R” rated job status, I am now on the prowl for a new job – still as yet undecided exactly what the money vs. happiness balance is but I need something to bring in the pennies. So this morning I had a job interview lined up, which as is too often the case, I had not thought about in advance. I didn’t panic about my knowledge of the role or the company, I knew I understood that well enough; what did worry me for a fleeting second was what to wear. I haven’t done any laundry for a good couple of weeks and my Disney Princess laundry hamper is overflowing – I am definitely a wear once and wash kinda gal.

However, somehow when I opened my wardrobe I was confronted with a multitude of stylish, professional looking items. I questioned, have I been wearing rags to work for the last couple of weeks? No. Has a clothes fairy delivered all of these lovely items? No. In fact, all that had happened was the items which are usually buried had found some breathing room in place of all my dirty laundry.

So now I see why I always have no money and nothing to wear, I’m continually buying more and burying what I already had so many pieces lie neglected, waiting patiently for some love (think Toy Story type scenario when Buzz Lightyear arrives). Whoopsy daisy – maybe I’ll see if I can change now I am poor…or maybe not! x