When did the Joy Disappear from Christmas?

Looking at the headline, you could be forgiven for thinking that I am somewhat a humbug when it comes to the winter festivities. Far from it, I assure you I actually live for the Sept – Dec time of year, or “party season” as I like to call it.  For me, in that period there are several birthdays, including my own, the obvious Halloween, Bonfire Night, Xmas and New Year so it really is fun times.

This year however, I have a slight hurdle to overcome and it’s not something I am loving at all. I was happily getting into the swing of said party season when last week, the “R” word was thrown at me…redundant. Me. So, although I am currently stuck at the crime scene, I somehow also need to line up work for December to get me through the drudgery of January which is a challenge when I am still here…working uber hard as you can clearly see.

That aside though, what really hit me was “oh my goodness, how am I going to afford all of those presents!?!”. What about my idea to make some gifts? Now people will think that’s because I’m broke, not because I actually wanted to put some real effort into gifts this year.

Where did the fun go!?! What about joy, kindness, family, etc.? Why was all of that immediately substituted for commercialism in my sad little mind? I was not impressed. So here is my vow to myself, Christmas is about remembering what is important and enjoying what you have so even if all of my friends and family receive home made everything, I will not be embarrassed, I will deliver the gifts with pride. The reason…Christmas is about fun and laughter for me and that is absolutely free; real friends and family don’t care one little jot about the money that does or doesn’t sit behind it.

And that’s where the joy had gone, it had fallen out of my purse into the tills of the chain stores when really it should never have been in my purse. It’s not tangible and money can’t buy it. This little bod is now a beacon of Christmas joy, regardless of whether or not I have a roof over my head!

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