New Shoes…With a Time Delay

Whilst in London on the weekend, the bf and I made the obligatory trip into Topshop, Oxford Circus. We had to really given that the bf needed to go to Niketown! As I was mooching around in the shoe department I accidentally stumbled upon a super fit pair of Dune shoes – and they happened to only have 1 pair left in my big foot size (7) so it seemed a bit like fate. The most fate-like part was that when I put them on they actually fit – no insoles, no heel guards to make the heel narrower, no gaping around the toes – they fit like a glove 🙂 In fact, I don’t think normal people will be able to get their feet in them!

Here they are looking amazing:

The thing is, these shoes were £95, which is approximately £94.99 more than I have available to spend on shoes right now. However, with my feet, I couldn’t miss this opportunity so I added them to the ever increasing credit card balance. But… I have been trying really hard not to overspend and use my credit card over the last few months following a huge spending spree over the previous few months. So, knowing that I am getting a bonus in my next pay cheque, I have bought them on the card and given them to the bf with the strict instructions that I cannot have them back to wear until he sees me pay £95 off my credit card. This means I have to wait nearly a month to wear them but I will appreciate them so much more and the bf is great with money so he is a valuable resource to help me sort out my poor, poor finances. (Think a Carrie / Mr. Big type situation here.)

Although the day to day enjoyment is slightly delayed, please join me in my general excitement at owning these shoe-shaped pieces of art – I can literally see them matching EVERYTHING I own!

Love, love, love! So super happy! What shoes have you guys been buying recently? I’d love to have a look 🙂

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