Feet Glorious Feet!

I’ve noticed that one thing that is rarely blogged about is feet. There seem to be blogs about every other part of the body and about shoes, but very few talk about actual feet! So…I have decided to dedicate this post to feet, purely to raise awareness that they deserve some love too!

Awkward as my feet are when it comes to buying shoes, I still appreciate the hard work they do for me and the pain they take from poorly fitting shoes without complaining. Just the other day I finally invested in some of that Barry M crackling nail polish and layered it over my favourite China Glaze bright pink to give my toes a treat. It may look a little bit emo teenager for a 25 year old professional but it’s fun and nobody really sees it! What do you think?

Now send me your feet people! I wanna have a look, especially if they have pretty painted nails (boys too) or anything weird – like my tiny baby toes!!!


2 thoughts on “Feet Glorious Feet!

  1. What do you mean boys too? Boys have no business wearing toenail polish or even showing their ugly feet. Your society is so messed up. Gross

    1. I’ve only just seen your comment as it went into my Spam folder. My personal opinion is that if boys want to paint their toenails then they can do just that 🙂

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