When the Shoe Fits…Or Not!

My latest beef is with all shoe manufacturers…all of them! What has happened to shoes? I swear to god they get wider by the day – probably because most people’s waistlines get wider by the day and it’s spreading to the feet but this does not help me!

Ever since I was a kid and my mum used to have to drag me to every shoe store to find school shoes, I’ve known my feet are weird. They look normal but in the words of a Clarks shop assistant when I was younger “we don’t do that width, in that size”. My feet are way narrower than they should be for their length.

As I grew up they widened out a bit and I found that the solution was to always buy shoes with straps and then I was all good. Now however, size 7 shoes seem to be a smidgen shorter in length and loads wider whereas I used to even taken a size 6 quite often! Even Dune, my narrow shoe go to shop is letting me down. I literally cannot find any narrow shoes! I strap up the shoes but the heels are so wide and the toe area so deep that I still have gaps everywhere. HUMPH!

Does anyone know of anywhere that sells good narrow shoes to the UK? I’ve checked out James Inglis, etc. but they are all granny shoes and I am 25 and love fashion…this is not good enough! Any hints or tips would be much appreciated. I can budget up to about £150 per pair to get what I want but what I want is to love the shoes and for them to be comfy. Currently this is an either, or situation.

Help me please! Alternatively, if you know anything about heel implants (do they exist?) I’d pretty much consider surgery too right now!


2 thoughts on “When the Shoe Fits…Or Not!

  1. Have you tried Medissa shoes near Huddersfield or online……..little more fashionable than James inglis and certainly 5 -15 pound cheaper for same shoe.

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