The Lost Room

Having recently moved house, I now have a whole new kitchen to get to grips with and as such have been spending rather a lot of time in there. So far things I have made have ranged across: sugar free chocolate cake, gluten free cake, bacon cupcakes, dairy free ice cream, Asian sweetcorn soup, curry and a whole load of other random creations in between, complete with a lasagne made by the bf.

It’s been pretty fun and a great way of using up ingredients that are just sitting in the cupboard, i.e. money I have already spent when I am broke and can’t afford to spend any more! However, I can’t help but notice what a lost room the kitchen is nowadays, so few people use theirs to do anything other than shove a pizza in the oven. This really hit me today when a friend of the bf popped over and couldn’t believe how much “stuff” we have in our kitchen…I’d been thinking how little “stuff” we have as every time I make something new I seem to have to buy a new implement to complete my recipe! What has happened to the crazy world!?!

It seems such a shame that nobody can cook any more, did these people not have parents and grandparents showing them how to cook? Do they not like eating tasty food? Or is it just that I am a pauper and can’t afford to dine out or buy takeaways everyday? Either way, here I am making a stand and joining the campaign to revert us back to our old ways…at least a little bit.

Let’s hear it for all the unashamed kitchen users who have used their ovens for something other than storage! Let’s challenge ourselves to getting just 1 extra person in their kitchen by the end of the year!

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