Bacon cakes! (Yes, I said bacon!)

A few weeks ago I found a post on here about bacon being incorporated into chocolate treats in the US and in particular, into cupcakes. So there was only 1 thing to do…try it myself!

I decided to follow a “normal” recipe, using sugar and gluten and many things I try and avoid so that I could test the results and work out how I could adapt the recipe to come up with a healthier version. Here is the result:

Not displayed in the most elegant way but it was about 11pm last night when I finished them so I just took a shot the way they were!

Essentially they are chocolate cakes with some tiny bacon bits in the sponge and then a buttercream topping with some more bacon bits on top. I have taste tested with some of my friends and the general consensus is that we can’t really taste the bacon that well, especially in the sponge. So… I will be making these again as when you can taste the bacon, the salt cutting through the super sweet buttercream is awesome. However, what I might try doing is using gammon or something even saltier than normal bacon to really pull the flavour through.

Anyone else tried these? Any suggestions?

Better get off now and check out the London riot situation just in case we need to leave the office a bit early!

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