Shoes of the Day!

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this before but I have some of the craziest feet ever for finding shoes. They look normal but then you put shoes on and realise that almost none of them fit. I seem to have quite long toes and unnaturally skinny heels, meaning that unless I buy shoes which are too small and wedge my feet in, my feet generally fall out of the shoes as soon as I take a step. It’s not just me either, I’ve bumped into people in shops who have the same problem, yet everywhere you go shoes are getting wider which really is not great for us!

To paint the picture a bit more clearly, my shoe buying works as follows:

  1. Is the shoe elasticated or does it strap on? If no, move on
  2. Does the shoe stay on my foot?
  3. Are my toes pinched?
  4. Are they just mildly uncomfortable as opposed to super uncomfortable???
Bad times! Recently my challenge has been finding some flat pumps to wear. I used to wear some great River Island elasticated pumps, they were so good because there was no elastic at the back to dig into my heels – super comfy. However, they died…I literally wore them to death and River Island seem to have changed their supplier. Argh! On my journey to find some comfy pumps I have bought a couple of pairs on non comfy pumps which I have re-tried on at home and sent back and bought one pair of Bloch beauties. The Bloch shoes are super comfy and I managed to find this pair in a sale online for about £45! Trouble is, I can’t afford to buy any more pairs of those as they seem to be £100+ per pair…boo!
So, I continued my hunt to find some high street, budget friendly pumps and eventually arrived at Oasis. Yay! My saviours – several pairs of fabulous elasticated pumps! Here they are:
The best thing is I actually love their design! Leopard print is one of my favourites and they only cost me £35. So if you have the same issues as me, check out the Oasis website for some amazing shoes 🙂
Let me know if you have any great places to get narrow shoes on a high street budget or let me know about your dodgy shoe buying experiences!

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