…And Breathe!

Blimey what a mad time since the last time I was able to post anything! So much has happened…as seems to be the case most of the time these days!

So the bf had moved in and I managed to get over my crazy spell and settle in relatively well, only a few instances of me kicking him / shouting at him whilst asleep during the night. Then came all the fun, firstly was the new car…hello Corsa VXR! My little fun bag is super cute, though it was purchased from A Cars UK in Birmingham (http://www.acarsuk.com/) and they definitely told some white lies in order to sell it so be warned, keep your wits about you if you are buying from them.

Anyhow, much bigger and better than that was my holiday! Yay! At the grand old age of 25 this was my first girly holiday so off I trekked to Kos with 2 of my lovely work friends. We decided to stay in Psalidi rather than the party central Kardomena and in line with this old person way of thinking, we also decided to go all inclusive so that we would be able to stuff our faces for the full week without running out of money. Through Teletext holidays we managed to find a bargainous 4* all inclusive for around £400 each – check out our hotel (http://www.kipriotis.gr/items.php?itid=2).

Our hotel is actually 1 of about 3 all in the same sort of location which you can wander between. Be careful though as they seem to be changing the rules about exactly who can do what, where so make sure your travel agent confirms this with you. The standard of the hotel was however, pretty good. There was a slight lack of cold water at the end of the day so the showers were a bit lukewarm and the food could have been more Greek / a bit more varied but all in all it was pretty good. What was atrocious though was the entertainment – they had the “animation” team provide the evening entertainment and once was more than enough for us. We wandered on down to the other hotel for what we thought was Greek night. It transpired that actually it was “Legends” night – this consisted of the animation team dancing extremely badly to songs by legends such as MJ and Sinatra – terrible, literally so bad it became hilarious! So if you are looking for some evening entertainment, we suggest you hit up Kos Town.

Only twice did we venture out for some food but both times we had gorgeous food – check out Alexandros Taverna in Kos Town, it’s family run and we had a lovely seat outside on the street – not so great if you’re not a fan of stray cats though! The second time, we went to Nestoras Taverna – on the same street as our hotel but nearer the town and this was brilliant. We were sat out the back in the garden with a gorgeous view over the sea where we could see all the street lights in the distance. Sadly none of our cameras were good enough to capture the view.

I think I have however managed to attach a picture of the chicken gyros which was AMAZING! Other than getting out for some good food, the thing I would suggest you all do is go to Therma, hop on the bus and get yourself some hot spring action! It’s super chilled out at Therma and good for the soul even if not anything else.

Only 1 bad thing happened all holiday and that was on the last day when we went to Reception to order our taxi to the airport. Luckily we went a good few hours early as we were informed that all taxis were on strike…every single one! We were told that the bus was hours before our flight or we could rent a car. Rent a car! 3 girls who have never driven on the wrong side of the road or and had no idea how to get to the airport…WTF!?! Mild panic did set in at this point but luckily Thomson came to the rescue. No, we had not travelled with Thomson, there just happened to be a lovely rep at the bar in our hotel who arranged for us to take 3 spare seats on one of their airport shuttles for 15Euro each. Phew and thank you Thomson!!!

Enough of the holiday reminiscence, here I am back in the UK and have just moved again! The bf and I are in our house now, complete with a full zebra skin on the floor – yes you can call me Queen of Ebay! Watch this space to find out how it goes…