Moving on in…

Since my last post I have officially become an adult! Yes, I know I was 25  then and I’m still 25 now but so much has changed! The bf and I now live together!

I’ve had ages to adjust to this decision and prepare myself for the actual event but nothing could have prepared me for the feeling of shock that ensued. It started off easy, just me packing up my things and moving home for a few weeks whilst waiting for my new place. A week later it got a whole lot more scary as we packed up his things and moved him into my parents’ home for a few weeks… he… moved… in… with ME! Argh!

I tried to be cool and calm and all of those things that people tell you you should be in these situations but in reality I was a raving loon! I tried to welcome him in but instead I ranted at him and told him it was weird him being in my house and that if it wasn’t my parents that own the house we are moving to in a few weeks then I would have pulled out by now – I was totally queen bitch! I couldn’t help it, the weeks (and months) of panic about this had to come out at some point and that was it, it was just a shame that he happened to be on the receiving end.

Luckily he was unbelievably understanding, said he knew I’d react like that and had only hoped that the reaction wouldn’t be quite so OTT. Where does he get off being so level headed!?! It worked though – well that plus a night in a separate bed, breakfast in bed and him leaving me alone for the whole of Sunday morning! I managed to get over the mess that was in my head and am just about coping with the situation now. The thing is it just feels so unnatural – I totally don’t get the whole wanting someone there for hugs, etc. thing, I like being on my own and the idea that I have committed to this person for goodness knows how long is crazy scary! What if I finally decide to move somewhere random and get a job I love , I’ll have to consider someone else…essentially I am selfish! However, what works in my favour is that I live in dream land so I am very unlikely to actually do any of the above!

It has however made me realise I am even more crazy than I had previously admitted to. One of my friends even said that she loves me because my emotions are so obvious and I display all of the things that other people keep so well hidden. How do you hide this damn stuff – seriously, anyone got any hints or tips!?!

Now I have publicly aired my insanity, I think I’m going to go and hug my bf and tell him how amazing he is in the hope that he won’t ever reach the point where my craziness loses its charm!!!

Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be…An orange monkey!

So with it being Ascot season and all, I will be making my debut Ascot appearance this Saturday (if I don’t drown in the rain first!) and I have a brilliant bright yellow dress for the occasion. Being such an English rose, (or at least that’s how I like to think of it) I decided it was not only advisable but totally essential to have a spray tan to make the yellow really work…so that’s what I did this evening.

This was my first spray tan and what an experience it was. It started with laughter as I dressed myself in nothing but a plastic shower cap and a paper-esque black thong. I could not take my reflection seriously and it was hard to believe my vanity had driven me to such an absurd look!

Then the tanning began, nice and easy until the point that the therapist stretched one arm and one leg forward and the other ones backward and asked me to do the same. Easier said than done. I realised then that I have even less control over my monkey proportioned limbs than I had previously known as she literally had to direct each limb into position…more laughter!

The tanning itself was quick and easy and then I was left to dry off and get dressed. Well what I sight I was! The tan had stuck to all of the fine hairs on my body meaning that my torso looked like that of a man, loads of dark hairs. I have never looked so unattractive in my life! I then proceeded to do a monkey dance in front of the mirror to celebrate, (the therapist had left the room by then) something tells me that I am not the usual sort of client they have, perhaps a bit too childish!!!

What I did realise after the experience though was the value of getting older. Not only did I go for my tan but I then traipsed over to Tesco to pick up dinner whilst wearing a mis-matched joggers and t-shirt combo borrowed from the bf (realised I owned no baggy clothes!). That is something I would never have done a few years ago for fear of being judged, equally the sight of my naked body used to be too scary for me, never mind for a beauty therapist. It appears that it really is true, you do start to accept yourself more as you get older – I had no qualms about stripping down for a tan!

Let’s just hope that my new found confidence has been put to good use and my tan comes out even and not too orange…fingers crossed!

Not Bloody Likely!

Hello again old friends and welcome to those of you of a newer persuasion! This is a short post but I just had to rave about the night I had on Monday…it was super!

The background to this splendid Monday was celebration of the fact that the bf and I have been together for a year…yes, a whole year! This in itself is pretty awesome and then we made it even better with 0ur night out.

We started off in Wahaca in Covent Garden which is one of a fairly small chain of Mexican restaurants. The mojito which began our meal was super tasty, though I must say my dad is still winning in terms of making the best mojitos ever (perhaps because just 1 will get you super drunk!) and that progressed into a passion fruit margarita which was deliciously summery 🙂 Then we moved onto the food, it was quick, cheap and very tasty – plus it came with an assortment of spicy sauces to make it more authentic for those who can take it. Apparently I can’t take it. 1 baby finger full of the mild sauce had me breathing fire and downing the bf’s hibiscus margarita! An added bonus at Wahaca is that a lot of their food is gluten free, they even have gluten free wraps which is pretty rare.

For desert there were churros with melted chocolate and salted caramel ice cream. Yes, for those of you who are observant, I know this all goes against the rules of my candida diet but it was our first anniversary, I had to enjoy it! This was my first foray into salted ice cream and it was beautiful, sweet caramel, then chocolate chunks followed by a mild salty after taste…yum!

Although the mains had been with us very quickly, the desserts took forever so we then had a quick hop, skip and jump round the corner to the Garrick Theatre to see Pygmalion. I loved it! Kara Tointon’s performance was spot on; her posture and range of dialects combined perfectly with her superb comic timing to produce a truly enticing Eliza Doolittle. I had not expected it but Rupert Everett’s performance, though good, was overshadowed by that of Kara which is credit to her in my opinion. Everybody should try and get tickets to this show, it’s so much fun and just whizzes by in the blink of an eye 🙂

And that was that, our evening of fun and I loved it. Thank you to the bf who has made this a super year, I can’t wait to see what we get up to in the next one.