Buying vs. Selling

I’ve spent the last few days pondering whether the reason I buy so much is to fill the void I have from not selling anything. Every now and then I have a little clear out (which to me seems huge) and I sell some bits and pieces on ebay. When I do this, I actually tend to spend less money on buying as it seems I get my kicks out of selling. In fact, I actually get a bigger kick out of selling and get ridiculously excited that I have managed to do so. Given that I don’t have a huge amount of capital behind me to set up a shop of any kind, for now I am restricted to selling my old bits and pieces on ebay and making that buzz stretch out for as long as possible – free listings this weekend btw so a great time for a clear out.

Given that I can only sell a limited number of items, does it then make it ok for me to spend again as I have sold? I keep selling things telling myself I will do something useful with the money but I keep then spending the money on more things I will sell a few months down the line. How does one break this vicious cycle? Will I ever be content enough with what I have not to shop? Even for a week?

Has anyone else been there? Can anybody help me!?! I fear I may be addicted to spending money and my bank balance is not thanking me for it!


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