Look into my eyes…

Oh yes, I really am about to tell you about my first encounter with hypnotherapy. I can’t really believe just how out of character it is for me to actually go and do something like this but I have!

I went to a local hypnotherapist in Reading for my free consultation and as I stepped into the room I realised that I was in for a whole lot more than I had bargained for. Firstly, it was the exact opposite of the clinical, stark environments that hypontherapists inhabit in films. The room was literally full from top to bottom with paraphernalia! There were pictures, postcards, quotes, theatre tickets, all sorts – some of which had been arranged especially for me. The part of the room I was to inhabit was literally the world’s most comfortable leather chair which I happily snuggled right into.

I had thought that I would tell the therapist what I wanted to happen and he would talk to me about putting me in a trance. What actually happened was he asked me lots of questions about me and my family, job, etc. and then freaked me out by asking me to close my eyes to establish the real reason I want to be a puppy trainer and the reason was there! Similarly when asked to close my eyes and describe a memory from a particularly tough time in my life, my mind was literally blank. I had a big black rectangle sat just behind my eyes – mental!

Anyhow, we progressed to a me being in a state of relaxation whilst he basically created a story in my mind involving me. It was very bizarre and somewhat disconcerting what that revealed and it has left me somewhat on edge about whether or not to go back. I went to get in the right mind frame for a diet and somehow now have a lot of deeper, darker things that need to come out first which I’m not totally sure I want to happen. I have however come away with a technique for putting my mind in a relaxed and safe place instantly which I think I will be using a lot from now.

Has anyone more sceptical been to see a hypnotherapist? Was it the same for you or only for me as my mind was open?

Very, very strange experience and not one I would ever have imagined having!


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