Candida Get Out!

Ok, so here I am again determined to battle through my digestive hard times. Having scoured the net for the last 3 years and been to many doctor’s appointments (to no avail), I am now fairly certain that Candida is behind how rubbish I have felt for the last few years.

So…here I go on the diet, hardcoring it this time, have bought a special cookbook and everything! Today is day 2 and I am just dying for something sweet, even just some fruit!

I’d like to invite anyone that thinks they are suffering or knows they are suffering with Candida to join me on this journey and share your experience – safety in numbers and all that!

For those of you who are not sure if this is for you, here’s a quick checklist of the symptoms to watch out for:

And that is just some of it! Please post a comment if you’d like any advice or want to join me on the diet – I can post diet tips and recipes if you want! lol!
Self motivation is key and I’m hoping that writing this will help – wish me luck 🙂 x

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