Blimey – 5 Months Already!!!

Wow! I knew it had been quite some time since my last post but 5 months seems insane – what a time it has been and so much to catch up on.

Run down of events since my last post:

End November – my birthday! Spa hotel and super sexy KG shoes from the boy to celebrate my quarter century…love, love, love!

December – work Xmas party, tres fun, delicious dinner in the Forbury restaurant in Reading, purchase of super fit All Saints leather Jacket – £200 in the sale – half off! Lots of family fun times and Grease in the West End. Rudi, the Miniature Schnauzer enters my parents’ life – absolute bundle of love. Sadly I move out shortly after

January – new year, super healthy, impossible to stick to diet which did nothing at all to help my tummy, just made the world very depressing. Moved out – was told I would be living with a woman, in reality live with a couple and a child most weekends; my idea of hell, looking forward to the next move in June!

February – Valentines fun, a gorgeous meal in Brighton with the Mr and finally a promotion at work!

March – Hard times! Sold the beautiful yet expensive car in favour of an orange Punto with a broken windscreen wiper – boo! Teechers – me, on stage! So yes, more theatre, it keeps cropping up but this time it’s me 🙂

April – not a lot has happened so far but for 1 thing tonight which I want to talk about… Go Karting!

I think it was right at the end of Feb that a group of us from work went Karting at Teamworks in Reading. They have electric karts and the track is fairly small but I smashed it – did really well – until the point where it mattered and I ended up with no podium place; I blame the guy that span me. I was however top performing female by quite a way and the adrenaline was akin to that of an opening night at the theatre. It got me thinking that maybe, should my non existent acting career not work out, I could have a career in racing. In the last few months I have also considered puppy training, opening a cafe, opening a boutique, etc, etc. Something tells me I’m not quite cut out for the office lifestyle!

I had finally reconciled myself with the fact that I didn’t win when I found out that there was karting mark 2, minus the guy who span me last time… oh boy, what an experience that was! Tonight was the most fun night in AGES! This time we went to Premier Karting where they have petrol karts and boy was that the real deal! The track was loads bigger, more fun, the karts were faster and there were more overtaking spaces. I crashed so hard my entire body lifted out of my seat (and luckily landed back in there) – it was immense! The best thing about it was that I made it to the 3rd place on the podium as well – absolute love! So, if anyone knows how I make this a real hobby and find out if I am better than anyone other than my work colleagues, please post as I have made this my new mission. I am an adrenaline junkie – it just so happens I get my kicks when performing in a theatre or on a karting track!

That is it for now, just wanted to get my buzz out there 🙂

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