Wicked! Surprise Party and Life in the Real World

Wow, I literally can barely remember the person I was last time I posted something and have even less memory of what I cared about at that time! I figure I must have been obsessed with planning a surprise birthday party for my bf – that is now done and dusted!

What a night the surprise was; the initial panic set in earlier in the week when the hostess came down with a hideous ear infection and was off work sick. Luckily she had recovered enough the night before for us to start decorating her pad in preparation (sparkly red hearts are very manly don’t you know!). Then the fateful night arrived and as we walked through the door and everyone yelled “surprise” with cameras flashing everywhere, what did my bf do…act totally nonchalant, walk straight in and start saying hi to people. Worst “surprise” face ever! Everyone said it too – no emotion…not even a hint! This of course added to my nerves so I decided it would be best to hit the booze and fast! Hit it I did – vodka and cranberry juice and lots of it. I still don’t know why I chose vodka given that it always makes me hideously drunk and sick. As you can now imagine, I did indeed reach the point in the night where I literaly snapped from being drunk one minute to complaining I was going to vom the  next. (Of course none of this had anything to do with the fact that I could barely breathe in my size 8 dress!!!) Luckily my lovely friends managed to get an IKEA bag in front of me to catch the pink wonder that flew out of my mouth. I then proceeded  to fall asleep on the sofa in the corner and missed most of the party I had put so much effort into organising…fail! The important thing is he enjoyed it though.

That night then set the precedent for the next day – matinee tickets to see Wicked in the West End. For local theatre I am almost always bang on time / late, for the big shows I always like to be early. Not this time. I awoke on the Saturday morning feeling particularly shite as my stomach is dodgy at the best of times and proceeded to delay us whilst I was unsure I could manage food. We then got on the train, at which point it became bf’s time to feel ill, he did have to crouch down like a pervert with a foot fetish as of course there were no seats available. Finally we arrive at Paddington only to find the Circle Line closed so we have to take a longer route to the theatre. We literally got there as they were closing the curtain to stop anyone else coming in…but boy was it worth it!

Wicked was superb! I didn’t actually know that much about the show or the storyline prior to going, I just assumed it would be good as I had heard so many rave reviews. Turns out I loved it! There had been a slight bit of scepticism based on my love for The Wizard of Oz but the humour and talent in Wicked really brought the story to life and made me appreciate it as a whole separate entity. Interestingly it has also made me look at Wiz in a new light and I shall be re-watching soon to look for hints of this backstory. I definitely recommend a trip to Wicked for young and old alike.

Anyhow, the birthday went well and seems to have improved my standing as a truly amazing gf.  Sadly it seems that the rest of life still exists and I keep having to do that work thing in order to get the money I NEED to spend on shoes! However, even good news here! I have taken on a whole new aspect of my role – temp recruitment. What a volatile beast that is!!! I love it and it has definitely made the days go quicker but heck there are some annoying people out there – how hard can it be to say you will take a job and actually turn up on the day!?! Mentals! Love love love though and hope to carry this on for much longer 🙂

The next exciting event is our Come Dine with Me competition amongst friends. We have teamed up with 3 other couples we know to host dinner parties; ours is first, this Saturday. Luckily we have an obvious theme to choose and have gone for bonfire night. Already the drama has started though; we decided some pink sparkly paper to print the invitations onto would be just the ticket…easy…or not!?! Apparently inkjet printers will print onto shiny paper but the ink won’t dry and laser printers will print and the ink will dry but the paper will also get stuck in the printer / create a burning smell…twice…at work…oops! Luckily bf lives with the IT Manager so all is sorted. It did mean we ended up inkjet printing, then mounting on more paper and laminating but now we have firework proof invites, hehehe! Update to follow on the dinner party as I don’t want to give any more away at this stage.

You may have noticed a lack of mentions of exercise…it dropped off the radar – even my new Nike outfit has not kept me going. In all fairness my gym buddy and I have been busy people but still no excuse. It may have something to do with the fact that we nearly died at the Capoeira class we went to but we have definitely booked ourselves in to another class tomorrow – I WILL fit into the size 8 dress I bought for the Xmas party and be able to breathe at the same time! Ideas on a postcard of how to do this whilst still eating at least 3 choccie bars a day please!

Update done! Will defo be back much sooner next time x

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