Exercise, Theatre (standard!), Online Shopping and Meeting the Parents!!!

Yet again since my last post there has been more theatre going activity. This time I was back at the Hexagon in Reading watching The Naked Truth which turned out to be rather funny. It is cast entirely of women, is about women and as such had an audience almost entirely made up of women but that was part of what made it so enjoyable. The characters are quite predictable but that meant it was easy to relax and enjoy the show, much like going to see a chick flick at the cinema and it was definitely good to get out with the girls and have some fun. Michelle Heaton also showcased her super hot bod and pole dancing skills…we are now thinking more seriously about taking up pole dancing having seen that! There is in fact a class at the uni this Sunday evening which could definitely be a possibility.

Talking of classes, I also returned to the scene of the crime for another exercise class. This time we did aerobics, figuring it would be easier as we would have only our feet to trip over and not the step as well. We were wrong…big time! Not only did we put more energy into the workout but the class leader also threw in some circuit training style work. I don’t think I have ever sweated so much in my life! What made it worse was the somewhat chunkier girl with the belly lapping me in the running and generally being much fitter than me. I felt like a total let down, I look the part as I’m fairly slim and I had on my brand spanking new Nike gym gear. Oh yes, new pink Nike T shirt thing and tight black bottoms – learned last week that jogging bottoms from Zara are not the done thing. The sad thing was I also own Nike socks and Nike trainers…like a walking ad until I start exercising, at which point I think the brand managers at Nike would rather I wore anything other than their brand!

Anyhow, exercise is old news now, no need to update you on that unless I suddenly become pro or find a class which burns calories without you even noticing. The other form of exercise I have been doing is much more fun, or at least it would be if I didn’t manage to get it so wrong. What am I talking about you wonder…no, it’s not sex, but I have been clicking my mouse; I’m talking about exercising my credit card, I’ve really been working on stretching it’s limit recently. Online shopping has become something of an addiction but I am crap at it! So far I have bought a headunit which eBay are now due to refund as it didn’t work and the seller didn’t respond; a pair of Topshop shoes which turned out to definitely not be Topshop and some kind of cheap, ill fitting copy…which I’m hoping eBay will refund. Then I bought a faux fur coat which is beautiful, size S, unfortunately it’s the biggest Small I’ve ever tried on so that will be going to the tailor to be taken in. Then I bought a leopard print playsuit from Miss Selfridge; I’m always a 10 so that’s what I bought…except in this instance when I need an 8; can’t find it in the shops so will probably have to send it back and order another one. I cannot tell you how many times I have made these same mistakes, yet as with any addiction, I just can’t stop. (Here are some more occasions within the last few months… 3x playsuits, 1 New Look, 1 ASOS, 1 Dorothy Perkins…all the wrong fit, 2x underwear sets M&S, 1 I ordered the wrong set (duh!) and 1 didn’t fit…it seems selling works much better for me!)

A friend told me she read a magazine article that basically says mine and her shopping habits mean we are trying to fill an emotional void and that we should work on the route cause of this. I say…bollocks to that, I love shopping and am happy to keep trying to fill the void! I’m even on that Retail Therapy game on Facebook (don’t try it!). However, online shopping is an even bigger anticlimax than Xmas; firstly the parcel is always later than you think, then when it arrives you get all excited before 1 of 3 things happens: 1.) you open it and instantly realise your mistake and try to work out the quickest way to send it back and get your money back. 2.) You open it, it looks and feels amazing, you try it on and it doesn’t fit / looks shit on you. 3.) Very rare occasion, you like it and have nothing to moan about so instead inspect every last thread whilst trying to find something to moan about. Bad times all round! I vote…get off your arse and go into town; calorie burning and more efficient!

Enough moaning about the internet, what I have to say next is the really important part of this post. Tomorrow I am going back to my bf’s home town to meet his family and some of his friends…OMG! Never has this been a big deal before as I have always had bf’s who lived at home and thus met their parents straight away. This situation seems a whole lot more scary; my main worry is that they find me either shy, rude or crude. Many people have found me to be 1 or more of the aforementioned and that is just not a good impression to make. Or, what happens if I go the other way and I’m so over friendly and nice that they just think I’m a total weirdo!?! How much of your real self should you show to people you don’t know but need to impress??? Argh!!! And, even more scary than meeting family is meeting friends, they are way more judgemental and openly so usually. In 1 weekend I could potentially completely bugger up 4 months of good times, oh the pressure!!! I will update next week to let you know if I still have anything to bugger up! x

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