Post Show Blues

Wow, it has been AGES since the last time I updated this but the best thing is, people have been on and read what I wrote last time…love the Dashboard thing that tells me that!!!

By now I was hoping to have something of significance to report but alack, all I have discovered is that I really do not know what to do with myself. However, I have successfully completed our mini fringe theatre style run of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Deja Vu in Reading. It went really well and was super funny, still definitely love the acting thing – nothing quite beats the buzz of pulling off a show, especially when you know you really should of had more rehearsal time 🙂

As becoming a world famous or even not-so-famous actress is pretty much out of the question, I have also been pondering what else I could achieve that would be slightly more realistic and I have come to the conclusion that it must be fashion based. So, I will go ahead and do what I have thought about doing many times – I will provide reasonably priced yet tailor made high fashion shoes to everyone, especially the freaks like me who can’t seem to find normal shoes that fit properly! Any ideas on where to start with this? How do you find companies that make shoes!?! Toughy!

Turns out today is more of a rant than anything so probably best I leave now! By next time though, I should of had my first singing lesson – hopefully it will be good, most likely will be shockingly bad and definitely will be an interesting experience!!!

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