First Ever Blog Post!!!

Oh my goodness me, I have decided to join the blogging world despite not really knowing what this is all about or how it really works. The only thing I really know is that I wish to get the world’s opinion on what is freakish and what is not. As a 20 something female, I’ve noticed that everyone else seems to have it sussed and they all seem to know where they are going and what they are doing; I however seem to inhabit some sort of no-man’s land.

On the outside I look normal; I have friends, a job, a car, hobbies, etc but somehow I still don’t seem  to quite fit the mould. I believe the reason for this is that I haven’t yet found the mould I need to fit and I seem to be struggling to find it. How many of you out there feel exactly like this?

As such, it is my full intention to document interesting and not so interesting events in my life and my thoughts around them so that in time, I can look back and decide my level of freakishness. I’m also hoping that this reflection will aid me in my quest to find the mould…and not just any mould, I want to find my mould!

So please, feel free to join me on my quest and let me know if you are on a similar journey and how that goes.

Good luck!

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